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TBD Devastator Model, USN, John Waldron - SkyMax SM8009

TBD Devastator Model, USN, John Waldron - SkyMax SM8009 - click to enlarge
TBD Devastator Model, USN, John Waldron - SkyMax SM8009 - click to enlarge

Item No. SM-SM8009
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SkyMax Diecast Model

Douglas TBD-1 Devastator – T-16, LCDR John C. Waldron, VT-8, USS Hornet, U.S. Navy, June 4, 1942, “Battle of Midway”

1:72 Scale.  Length: 5.75”.  Wingspan: 8.25”

Limited to approximately 500 models worldwide

TBD-1 Devastator T-16 was flown by USN LCDR John Waldron of VT-8 aboard the USS Hornet during the Battle of Midway. On June 4 1942 the leader of Air Group 8, Stanhope Ring, departed the Hornet with F4F Wildcats along with Devastators of VT-8 to attack Japanese carriers. Upon departure LCDR Waldron realized the assigned group heading was incorrect and tried to get the Wildcats to change direction but was unsuccessful so Waldron got his group of TBDs to follow him. VT-8 found the Japanese carriers but without the Wildcat cover only one crewman survived

The Douglas TBD Devastator was a torpedo bomber used by the U.S. Navy. First flown on April 15, 1935, the TBD entered operational service in 1937. It was the first widely-used carrier-based monoplane, the first all-metal U.S. Navy aircraft, the first with a completely enclosed cockpit and the first with hydraulic folding wings. Although it was the most advanced aircraft operated by the U.S. Navy at the time of its introduction, the fast pace of aircraft development quickly caught up with the TBD and by the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, it was already outdated.

The TBD Devastator performed well in some early battles of the Pacific war, but was outclassed in both speed and maneuverability by the Mitsubishi Zero fighter. It was withdrawn from frontline service after its poor performance at the Battle of Midway in June 1942, being replaced with the Grumman TBF Avenger. A total of 130 Devastators were built.

SkyMax features a wide selection of high quality, ready-made, diecast model airplanes. Each model is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using specifications of the original aircraft

This model of a TBD Devastator features:

  • Cockpit details
  • Realistic panel lines
  • Historically accurate printed markings
  • Rotatable propeller
  • Optional extended landing gear
  • Display stand

  • Category: SkyMax 1:72 Military Aircraft Models

    Not suitable for children under the age of 14 years

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