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F-4E Phantom II Model, USAF, 366th TFW - Hobby Master HA1931

F-4E Phantom II Model, USAF, 366th TFW - Hobby Master HA1931 - click to enlarge
F-4E Phantom II Model, USAF, 366th TFW - Hobby Master HA1931 - click to enlarge

Item No. HM-HA1931
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Hobby Master 1:72 Air Power Series Diecast Model

McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II – 68-0339, “Chico the Gunfighter”, 366th TFW, USAF, Da Nang, South Vietnam, 1972

1:72 Scale.  Length: 9.75".  Wingspan: 6.25"

In 1969 the US Air Force 366th TFW included two squadrons equipped with the F-4E Phantom whose missions included aircraft escorts and ground attack. The 366th TFW became known as the “Gunfighters” because of the addition of 20mm Gatling gun pods to their earlier F-4Cs. F-4E 68-0339 from the 366th TFW, 421st TFS, “Black Widows”, was modified to carry a pair of Navy Mk 20 Rockeye II Cluster Bombs on each inboard station; one ALQ-87 ECM pod carried in the right front missile bay; two AIM-7 Sparrow radar missiles in aft wells; one 600-gallon centerline drop tank and an SUU-23/A Gun Pod.

Operating alone near the DMZ this heavily armed free-roaming aircraft would attack any enemy targets of opportunity. When operational this F-4E used the call sign “Chico”, alerting Forward Air Control (FAC) aircraft that it was on the prowl and available to assist if needed. F-4 68-0339 became known as "Chico the Gunfighter". It was the only U.S. Air Force F-4 Phantom modified to carry out these special missions and only five pilots ever flew it.

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom is a two-seat, twin-engine supersonic jet fighter originally developed for the US Navy. Proving highly adaptable, it became a major part of the air wings of the US Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. The F-4 Phantom was used extensively by all three of these services in the Vietnam War, serving as the principal fighter/bomber for the U.S. Navy and Air Force, as well as being important in the ground-attack and air reconnaissance roles. F-4 production ran from 1958 until 1981, with a total of 5,195 built.

Hobby Master offers a wide selection of quality, pre-assembled, diecast model airplanes. Each model is crafted to a high level of accuracy using specifications of the original aircraft. They are constructed with precision-made diecast metal and some plastic components.

This model of an F-4 Phantom II features:

  • Realistic panel lines
  • Opening canopy
  • Detailed cockpit with crew figures
  • Historically accurate printed markings
  • Removable weapons and/or fuel tanks
  • Optional extended landing gear
  • Display stand

  • Category: Hobby Master 1:72 Military Aircraft Models

    Safety Notice:

    This model is an adult collectible and not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

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