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Apollo 7 Command & Service Module Model - Dragon Wings 50374

Apollo 7 Command & Service Module Model - Dragon Wings 50374 - click to enlarge
Apollo 7 Command & Service Module Model - Dragon Wings 50374 - click to enlarge

Item No. DRW-50374
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Dragon Models "Dragon Wings" Diecast Model

Apollo 7 Command and Service Module (CSM) - NASA, 1968

1:72 Scale.  Length: 5.75”

Includes display stand

Launched on October 11, 1968, Apollo 7 was the first manned space mission of Project Apollo and the first manned US mission launched after the cabin fire which killed the crew of Apollo 1 on January 27, 1967. It was an eleven-day Earth-orbital mission, the first manned launch of the Saturn 1B launch vehicle and the first three-man American space mission. The crew consisted of Commander Walter M. Schirra, Command Module Pilot Donn Eisele and Lunar Module Pilot R. Walter Cunningham. Splashdown occurred on October 22, 1968, after 163 Earth orbits.

The mission was intended as the first manned test of the redesigned Block II Apollo Command and Service Module. It flew in Earth orbit so the crew could check life-support, propulsion, and flight control systems. The mission was a technical success which gave NASA the confidence to launch Apollo 8 around the moon just two months later.

The Command Module served as the command, control and communications center for all non lunar Apollo flights, as well for the majority of the mission on lunar flights. The CM consisted of two structures. The inner structure was the primary load-bearing component, and was also the pressurized vessel that housed the crew. The outer structure, a three-piece heat shield, offered protection against the extreme heat encountered during reentry into Earth's atmosphere.

The Service Module (SM) provided the main spacecraft propulsion and maneuvering capability during a mission. It was a cylindrical structure consisting of an aft bulkhead, six radial beams, a forward bulkhead and six exterior panels

The Dragon Wings Space Collection includes high quality, fully assembled, die-cast models of spacecraft and rockets. Each model is crafted with meticulous attention to detail using original specifications. They are constructed with diecast metal and some plastic components.

Category: Dragon Wings Space Collection

Not suitable for children under the age of 14

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