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M4 A3 Sherman Tank Model, U.S Army, WWII - Corgi CC51031

M4 A3 Sherman Tank Model, U.S Army, WWII - Corgi CC51031 - click to enlarge
M4 A3 Sherman Tank Model, U.S Army, WWII - Corgi CC51031 - click to enlarge

Item No. CG-CC51031
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Corgi Diecast Model

M4 A3 Sherman Tank – U.S. Army, Luxembourg, World War II, 1944

1:50 Scale.  Length: 4.6”

Limited Edition

One of the most famous military vehicles of World War II, the M4 A3 Sherman was an American built medium tank used by many of the Western Allies and produced in huge quantities. With the prototype only being available in September 1941, it is incredible to think that these tanks would flood the battlefields of Western Europe, North Africa and the Pacific in the months to come, with almost 50,000 examples being built by the end of July 1945. The M4 Sherman was first used in combat by the British Army at the Second Battle of El Alamein, where it faced German armor for the first time. One interesting feature of the Sherman’s design was that each tank manufactured in the U.S. would have to be shipped around the world and therefore included four lifting rings, one at each corner of the tank. This also had an impact on the tanks weight, as dockside cranes around the world would have to be strong enough to lift them. Large numbers of Sherman Tanks would be used during the invasion of Normandy and in the months following the breakout from the D-Day beachheads, including a small number of tanks specially modified to be amphibious.

Corgi is a leading manufacturer of high quality, pre-built, diecast models. Each model is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using the specifications of the original vehicle. Corgi models are constructed with precision-made diecast metal and some plastic components.

Category: Corgi Military Vehicles

Not suitable for children under the age of 14

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